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MariaFrancescaPepe's "Jewellery-Wear" is a new concept for Fashion Jewellery.

The boundaries between clothing and accessories become blurred whilst retaining a contemporary functionality. Overseen by Maria personally, the collection is entirely realized by Italian artisans, but the inspiration is pure London avant-garde.
Traditional jewellery and pop symbols are distorted and reinterpreted in their forms and meanings, to be conceived as amulets that convey inner strength and beauty.
Once worn, the jewellery pieces become energized and intimate, outweighing time, seasons and trends. Everlasting treasures that keep in their selves the promise of beauty.

MFP creates a changing, avant-garde aesthetic which is far from the obvious. This mix allows MariaFrancescaPepe collections to be sought after by a variety of discerning consumers, regardless of age or background.
Our ideal client is anyone who desires high quality, handcrafted pieces with an edge.

MFP's followers and supporters include: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Marianne Faithfull, Jennifer Lopez, Florence & The Machine, Kelly Rowland, Jo Whiley, Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon), Anna Trevelyan and Marian Kihogo among many others
Recent Awards:
-Nominated for the 'British Fashion Award' for Best New Talent in Accessories Design
-Vogue Talents Corner New Talent
-New Gen

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